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Is it still cash only?


Love this place! Are the anniversary glasses for sale?

Thanks.Do you know the price?

Do you have breakfast menu?


Yes of course just don't pull a hamstring running across the street to the ATM machine like I did !!!!!

Atm is close by, but its better to be prepared when you arrive

Do yo have a outdoor seating?

Not usually

It it take out only, or do they do patio dining? Shamdemic and all....

It's take out only with a limited menu.

Do they have an online store to order tshirts

No. Ma and pa restaurant. Order in store

is there a way to get delivery from them?

No i don't think so

When are they closing for their vacation this year?

I think it already happened.

Do you ever close down for a private event?

Call them but i doubt it unless its worth their time.

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